Help Name the Hazel Dell Sports Fields

Greater Clark Parks District Online Voting Through February 8.

Construction is set to begin on the new sports fields in Hazel Dell. The Greater Clark Parks District has had a number of opportunities for the public to provide input on this park project since 2009, and is currently holding a “Vote” (through February 8th ) to help determine the name of the park.

Why not just call it the Hazel Dell Sports Fields? Well, Clark County already has a park with Hazel Dell in the name, so they are looking at other options.

1. Greater Clark County Sports Park
2. Greater Vancouver Sports Park
3. Luke Jensen Memorial Park
4. Padden Park
5. St. John’s Park

Voting is going on now through February 8, and on February 18 the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission will consider the results of the public vote before making a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (Commissioners will have the final say).

You can vote online, or call 360-397-6118, ext 4949.

I’m voting…are you?

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